What do I learn in the Visual Design course?

The expert Visual Designer is in great demand all over the world.

  • Create a Wireframe

    You'll learn how to build a wireframe for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

    Wireframes are useful for building an interface and test it straight away.

  • User Interface Design

    Here you'll learn how to bring your wireframe to the next level. The user interface must be clean and easy to understand.

    You will learn how to use color, typography, and icons in order to improve your product.

  • Accessibility & UX Writing

    You'll learn the fundamentals of the accessibility in Web design.

    In addition, you'll also learn the basic principles of UX Writing, which helps you to improve the communication of your app or website.

Visual Design Course curriculum

Let's bring your wireframe to the next level

    1. Introduction to Visual Design

    2. Visual Design and UX

    3. Exercise: Create a website or app

    1. Introduction to wireframes

    2. Video lesson: Wireframing

    3. High and low fidelity wireframes

    4. The grid system

    5. Responsive design

    6. Mobile-First approach

    7. Exercise: Mobile Wireframe

    8. The modern tablet

    9. The desktop design

    10. Exercise (optional): Tablet and Desktop

    1. Organize the content

    2. Hierarchical schemes

    3. The golden ratio

    4. Exercise (Optional): How to draw the Golden Ratio

    5. Conclusions on the visual hierarchy

    6. Exercise: Visual hierarchy

    1. The Style Guide

    2. The moodboard

    3. Exercise: Create a mood board

    4. The style tile

    5. Exercise: Create a style guide

    1. Visual principles

    2. Color systems

    3. Exercise: Add colors to the wireframe

About this course

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  • Is the course online only?

    Yes, all the material is always online and available to you forever.

  • Best price

    This is the best course online at the moment in terms of quality and price. A detailed program, over 400 hours of written lessons, videos and tutorials accessible immediately after registration, a mentor with years of international experience, always available (unlimited calls!). You will not find any online courses, with a program like ours, at the same price.

  • Can I get the program for free?

    You can start a free trial, have a call with a mentor and decide if you want to continue learning with us!

  • Are these courses good for you?

    Our courses are made for professionals who want to approach the world of online design, for students who want to start a career regarding the digital aspects of online sales and communication. And also for designers looking for an update of their skills who want to learn the techniques and the UX method and getting feedback from our mentors.

  • What are the requirements to access?

    You need to have a good level in written and spoken English, a computer, (Mac or PC) and an internet connection.

  • How long will it take to finish the course?

    This depends on how long you can spend on it. There are full-time and part-time students. We estimate around 8-10 weeks on average for each course among our students. About 3-4 months for the bundle course.

  • Get certified

    At the end of the course, if all the exercises are approved by your mentor, you will receive a certificate that will guarantee your competence. In addition to our signature, there will also be that of the mentor who will also be available for telephone and email references during your job interviews.